Community At Highland

God did not intend us to do life alone. We need others, and we believe God has made us to experience a relationship with Him through the Gospel in the context of intentional community with others. While community can take place in a variety of ways, groups at Highland are where much of community is formed and gospel culture is lived out. 

There are two primary types of groups that exist at Highland.

Sunday Morning Groups

We have a wide variety of groups for all ages (children, students, and adults) that meet on Sunday mornings at 9am at Highland. The vast majority of these groups use The Gospel Project as a guide for discussion as they gather. If you are interested in learning more about which group would best fit you, please contact our office or stop by our Guest Services table on Sunday morning.

Community Groups

We have multiple community groups that meet on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings throughout the week in the Grove City area. Groups meet to discuss the previous week's sermon passage as well as to build into the lives of one another. All group gatherings include a meal together, and most have children present.

Below is a map of the current community groups from Highland. If you would like to explore visiting a group, please reach out to us at our office, and we can connect you directly to a specific community group leader.