The Ends Of The Earth

We desire to equip followers of Jesus to actively take the gospel to the unreached nations of our world and strategically support those that are on the mission field. Consider steps you can take to join in God's mission of reaching the nations with the Gospel. 


Jesus' command to His followers is clear: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ..." (Matthew 29:19a), yet a recent study suggests only 17% of church-goers in America admit to being able to recognize and explain what is known as "The Great Commission." How can one take part in God's call toward the nation if that call is not identified and understood; therefore, one of our priorities toward missions is to provide ongoing opportunities to learn about and identify with the mission of God – one that is not optional or peripheral but central to the Christian life. 

In addition to various books, below are just a few of the resources we utilize or suggest in helping people learn more about God's eternal mission toward the nations.

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We live in a unique era in human history where, in the midst of God commanding His church to go, we have people from many nations coming to us. An estimated ten percent of the wider Columbus population is foreign-born, and many of these people are from from unreached people groups – and they are in our midst. We want to be active in welcoming these people in Christ and with the Gospel.

In addition to equipping our church to relationally engage those from other nations, we maintain intentional, strategic partnerships with the following ministries to better equip us in being able to futher welcome the nations among us.

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We believe that prayer is fundamental when it comes to getting the gospel to the ends of the earth. Each week, we send out a prayer guide which includes the latest prayer request from the various missionaries in which we have strategic relationships. Additionally, we have various weeks throughout the year that we dedicate to praying for various unreached people groups. If you have a heart toward prayer, consider using the following resources and contacting our office so we can put you in touch with our global mission team prayer leader. 

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In addition to sharing the Gospel locally and nationally, it is critical that we take the hope of Jesus to people around the world who have very little gospel witness. We seek to equip and send people to go, whether that is for a week or years! Each year, Highland  sends numerous short-term mission teams (made up of people of different ages, backgrounds, and skill sets) to a variety of places around the world, all with the intent of spreading the good news of Jesus. Additionally, we pray for and partner with a number of international missionaries throughout Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, many of whom cannot listed due to security risks. For more information on going, please contact our church office as well as exploring some of the organizations with whom we've partnered in both short and long-term efforts.

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In addition to specific giving opportunites we encourage at strategic times throughout the year, we maintian a specific missions fund in which 100% of giving goes toward the advancement of the Gospel among the nations. When you give financially, you can trust that those dollars are being used to further the Gospel among the nations. Your generosity helps missionaries and church plants focus less on fundraising and more on reaching new followers of Jesus. Additionally, your giving also allows us to reduce the costs of short-term trips for individuals who go. To learn more about giving opportunities, fo to our giving page