The day started off with one of the IMB partners (Hannah) giving the team instructions for the day at the university.

Uni 1

Uni 2

Each of the team members sat with multiple English students. (Polish, Ukrainian & German!) The work mostly consisted of practicing and challenging students for the oral exam coming up!

Uni 3

Uni 4

Their professor has such a missional heart for these lost students. Her hope is to connect them with the local Baptist churches for evangelical opportunities. (The reason for Wednesday English Club!)

Uni 5

A late lunch at an enjoyable location!

Lunch 1

Lunch 2

After lunch, the ladies spent time preparing buckeyes for our English club tomorrow night. Noel Ayers also hosts a ladies' Bible study every Tuesday at her apartment.


After Korey put the kids to bed, the guys went out for some dinner and roamed around the city. 

Dinner 1

Large catholic near the main square and the castle (Wawel)

Dinner 2

The Wawel Castle from the 1300s

Dinner 3

Legend has it that a brave man once slayed a dragon near Wawel. This is the reason Krakow is so heavily tied with dragons.

Dinner 4

Tomorrow is a BIG night of evangelism with university students. Pray for faithfulness in sharing and for the Holy Spirit to even now work on the hearts of students who will hear.