The second day started with an encouraging time of prayer, worship, & sugar-loaded breakfast?!? Not for the Highland team, but instead for the Americans living far away from access to Reese's Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Hostess Donuts...

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Shout out to Shelby & Andrew for serving with singing and slides for the morning worship songs!

Teressa and Elaina helped in keeping the little ones preoccupied with toys, games, and crafts. After our morning worship session, each IMB couple was able to spend some time out on a lunch date so the team hung out with the missionary kids in the afternoon.


After spending time at the Ayers' apartment (and gifting them with many helpful items from Highland members & community groups), the team went to dinner at a small courtyard with several food trucks. 

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After dinner, the team finished the night with prayer at a local cemetery. It may seem like an odd place to pray, but these cemeteries are filled with candles lit for loved ones. Each lit candle represents a prayer for those deceased to be "prayed into heaven". Only one false belief among many. An empty hope showing how broken and desperate 99% of Poland is apart from the ONLY saving faith found in Jesus alone.


The need for the gospel is vast. The urgency is great. Pray for our team as they speak with the people of Krakow tomorrow and the rest of the week.