What a day of worshiping with Poland nationals. Our team divided into 2 groups to worship at 4th and 5th Baptist Church of Krakow.

Korey and Noel Ayers (IMB Partners) shared their plans to move to another region of Poland later this year. Their church (4th) was sad about their plans but today were filled with encouragement as they get to be part of "sending" a couple from their church for the purpose of the gospel being proclaimed across their nation!

Others on our team served (5th) during their kids' worship service making much of the Kingdom of God & Jesus as King.

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Each month, several Baptist churches spend time after worship sharing the gospel in their community at parks and other crowded areas. The 2 groups (4th & 5th) spent time praying for people to be receptive to the gospel before heading out. We had MANY great conversations. It is evident that YOU are praying for this same thing! Even one of the IMB partners was amazed at the number of people who were willing to listen and to be prayed over.

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After grabbing a quick dinner at the mall, the team spent time at the Ayers' apartment for ice cream and games with a "Journeymen" couple. IMB Journeymen are young adults, between the ages of 21 and 29, who are sent by their churches as missionaries for a 2-year term through the IMB.

What an opportunity for young people at Highland! Pray that God would continue to grow hearts to GO.

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More evangelism tomorrow! A LOT of rain on the way... Please pray for the weather to clear up this week!