Busy day on little sleep, a lot of walking, and extremely cooperative weather!!! Thank you for continuing to pray. It's impactful!

Highland's team partnered with a short-term team from Kentucky and practiced evangelism in the Ayers' apartment.

evan train

During the evening evangelism time, our team had conversations with people from Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland, & England!

Prayer is a must before evangelism.

Evang 1

Andrew's Polish is improving. Fortunately, this Pol spoke English... 

Evan 2

Andrew and Korey with Maciek (member of 4th Baptist)

Evan 1.2

Traditional Polish food for lunch & dinner


food 2

(Milkbar - fried pork, potatoes & perogis)


Food 3

Castle from the 1300's

City 1

Statue in the Main Square

city 2

To end the photo dump, we must inform you that the ladies on our team have been well cared for... 


So many gospel opportunities today. Pray for relational opportunities at the university tomorrow. We will be inviting them to the English club on Wednesday evening!