Today the team had free time for the first half of the day. While Joran spent time with Korey, Noel led the others on a trip to Auschwitz. 

The team has spent a lot of time with the Ayers kids this week. Kooper and Charlotte are easy to love on and happy to be around the group!

Koop BreakfastChar MorningBus Char

While spending the morning hanging out, taking advantage of free mini ping-pong was a necessity. 

Korey Pong

The rest of the team took the 75 min drive to Auschwitz to see and learn more about some of the most broken times in recent history.


During the holocaust, 75-100 people would be packed into these train cars at a time and brought to the concentration camps.

Aus 2

"Work for freedom" sign giving false hope to those entering the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Entrance AusAus 1

The team was able to further understand much of history with the Holocaust. What a reminder of how broken this world is and why we have a great need for Christ.

The team continued ministry with university students by welcoming them with... BUCKEYES!

Club 1Club 2

We taught about Memorial Day and transitioned into what true sacrifice looks like!

CLub 3Club 5Club 6

Tomorrow is the team's last day. Pray for more conversations during the time out in the city. The guys will be joining in a Bible study at (IMB partners) Paul and Hannah's apartment.