Understanding The Gospel Message

If you spend any amount of time around us, you'll notice we're always talking about "the gospel." But what exactly is the gospel? Simply put, the word "gospel" means "good news." And as with all things good, this good news starts with God who is the holy and loving creater of all things, including us. He made us to reflect his beautiful character and to glorify and enjoy him forever.

Tragically, this is where the good news takes a sudden turn.

Bad News

Even though God made this world perfect and whole, mankind has chosen to go his own way against God. We've all done so – choosing our own foolishness and rebellion against our Creator. This rebellion is what the Bible calls "sin," and it impacts and infects every person on planet earth. If left to ourselves, we're rightly under God's judgment and eternal condemnation. 

No bad news is worse. But there is good news.

Good News

Enter Jesus. He's who this good news is all about!  Being fully God, yet becoming fully human alongside of us. Jesus lived the perfect life – the life you were called to live (and failed miserably at doing). And Jesus died the condemned death you deserve to die – dying in your place. Three days later, Jesus rose triumphantly from the grave, proving sin and death are defeated! The payment for sin ... satisfied. That's good news!

So What?

Now that you know more about the gospel, what are you to do in response? The Bible uses two words: repent and believe. They're really two sides of the same coin. Repentance is turning from sin. Faith is turning to Jesus. Repentance is acknowledging you are a sinner, deserving God's judgment. Faith is acknowledging who Jesus is and what Jesus has done, letting his life and death count as yours.

This is the gospel.

Bottom line, you can't earn God's forgiveness. Instead, He desires you to have it – freely and forever. You see, it's all of grace and it's all received through faith.

This is the gospel. 

Can you see why we're so focused on the gospel at Highland. It's our only hope. It's our highest joy. It's our source of life. And it's what we love sharing with others ... including you.

Why not take a moment and go a bit deeper by walking through the following resource? Jesus awaits ... 

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